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Version: 0.1.x

Meeting Class Properties - Android


  • type: String

  • getmeetingId() will return meetingId, which is unique id of the meeting where the participant has joined.


  • type: Participant

  • It will be the instance of Participant class for the local participant(You) who joined the meeting.


  • type: Map of Participant

  • Map<String, Participant>

  • It will contain all joined participants in the meeting except the localParticipant.

  • This will be the Map what will container all participants attached with the key as id of that participant.

val remoteParticipantId = "ajf897"

val participant = meeting!!.participants[remoteParticipantId]


  • type: PubSub
  • It is used to enable Publisher-Subscriber feature in meeting class.

Learn more about PubSub, here

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