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Version: 0.1.x

Stop HLS - Android

This could refer to stopping the transmission of an ongoing HLS stream, which would mean the stream is no longer available to viewers.

Stopping HLS

  • stopHls() is used to stop interactive livestream of the meeting which can be accessed from the Meeting class.


findViewById<View>( { view: View? ->
// Stop Hls

Event associated with HLS

  • onHlsStateChanged - Whenever meeting HLS state changes, then onHlsStateChanged event will trigger.

  • You will get HLS_STOPPING and HLS_STOPPED status on calling stopHls().


downstreamUrl is now depecated. Use playbackHlsUrl or livestreamUrl in place of downstreamUrl

private val meetingEventListener: MeetingEventListener = object : MeetingEventListener() {
override fun onHlsStateChanged(HlsState: JSONObject) {
when (HlsState.getString("status")) {
"HLS_STARTING" -> Log.d("onHlsStateChanged", "Meeting hls is starting")
"HLS_STARTED" -> Log.d("onHlsStateChanged", "Meeting hls is started")
Log.d("onHlsStateChanged", "Meeting hls is playable now")
// on hls playable you will receive playbackHlsUrl and livestreamUrl
val playbackHlsUrl = HlsState.getString("playbackHlsUrl")
val livestreamUrl = HlsState.getString("livestreamUrl")
"HLS_STOPPING" -> Log.d("onHlsStateChanged", "Meeting hls is stopping")
"HLS_STOPPED" -> Log.d("onHlsStateChanged", "Meeting hls is stopped")


override fun onCreate(savedInstanceState: Bundle?) {

// add listener to meeting

API Reference

The API references for all the methods utilized in this guide are provided below.

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