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Version: 0.0.x

Record Meeting

Record meeting allows participants to record video & audio during the meeting. The recording files are available in developer dashboard. Any participant can start / stop recording any time during the meeting.

This guide will provide an overview of how to implement start and stop Meeting Recording.

  1. Start Recording - By using startRecording() function, a participant can start meeting recording.
  2. Stop Recording - By using stopRecording() function, a participant can stop meeting recording.

Start And Stop Recording

// TODO: change webhookUrl
val webhookUrl = "<webhook-url-here>"

// keep track of recording
val recording = false

findViewById<View>( { view: View? ->
if (!recording) {
} else {


  1. recording-started - Whenever any participant start meeting recording, then recording-started event will trigger.

  2. recording-stopped - Whenever any participant stop meeting recording, then recording-stopped event will trigger.

object : MeetingEventListener() {
override fun onRecordingStarted() {
recording = true

// TODO: show indication that meeting recording is started.

override fun onRecordingStopped() {
recording = false

// TODO: show indication that meeting recording is stopped.