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Version: 0.1.x

Known Issues - Android

This page will let you updated with iOS SDK known issues with better solution.

Issue : 1

Missing Class kotlin.jvm.internal.SourceDebugExtension (referenced from: io.github.crow_misia.mediasoup.Consumer and 8 other contexts)


To resolve the issue related to the missing class kotlin.jvm.internal.SourceDebugExtension when building an APK with ProGuard, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Update Kotlin Version (Optional)

If you are using Kotlin version 1.7.20, consider upgrading it to version 1.8.0. This update may resolve the error you're facing. Check if your project is compatible with Kotlin 1.8.0 and update the Kotlin version in your project configuration accordingly.

Step 2: Modify

Open the file in your project and add the following rule:

-dontwarn kotlin.jvm.internal.SourceDebugExtension

This rule tells ProGuard to suppress warnings related to the missing class "kotlin.jvm.internal.SourceDebugExtension". By adding this rule, the build process will no longer show the error associated with this class.

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