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Version: 0.1.x

Release Notes

This page will keep you update all the releases of Android SDK.


Release Date : 10th November 2022

Change log :

  1. Added recordingState and liveStreamState event.

    Docs : onRecordingStateChanged()

    Docs : onLivestreamStateChanged()

Bug Fix :

  1. Fix camera automatically enable when enable screenshare.

  2. Handle crash on not providing empty screenshare notification title, content or icon.


Release Date : 1st November 2022

Change log :

  1. Provide support for banuba integration.

    Code Sample : videosdk-rtc-android-sdk-banuba-example

    Docs : Banuba Intergation with VideoSDK


Release Date : 21st October 2022

Change log :

  1. Add support of customTrack in changeMic() method.


Release Date : 18th October 2022

Change log : None

Bug Fix :

  1. Null Pointer Exception crash on meeting leave.


Release Date : 17th October 2022

Change log :

  1. CustomTrack for audio,video and screenshare.

    Docs : Custom Video Track

    Docs : Custom Audio Track

    Docs : Custom Screen Share Track

v0.1.0 & v0.1.1

Release Date : 29th June 2022

Change log :

  1. Updated internal dependency.