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Version: 0.1.x

Run a Sample ILS Project - Android

Video SDK provides open-source sample project videosdk-hls-android-kotlin-example on Github. This document introduces how to run this project.


  • Development environment requirements:
  • A physical or virtual mobile device running Android 5.0 or later
  • Valid Video SDK Account

Generate Token

To manage secured communication, every participant that connects to meeting needs a access token. You can easily generate these token by using your apiKey and secret-key which you can get from VideoSDK Dashboard.

For developement purpose, you can generate a temporary token from VideoSDK Dashboard's API section.


The best practice for getting token includes you generating it from your backend server which will help in keeping your credentials safe.

Run the Sample Project

Step 1: Clone the sample project

Clone the repository to your local environment.

git clone

Step 2: Modify

Open your favorite code editor, add auth_token in file and paste the earlier generated temporary token as value.
auth_token = "TEMPORARY-TOKEN";

Step 3: Run the sample app

Run the android app with Shift+F10 or the ▶ Run from toolbar.

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