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Setup Meeting using NPM package manager

Prebuilt SDK enables opportunity to integrate real-time communication SDK without writing explicit code. It just requires 10 minutes to integrate.

It supports all the modern frameworks such as plain JavaScript, React JS, Vue and Angular.

Step 1: Install Package#

npm install

Step 2: Initialize Meeting#

Copy API key generated from Signup & Create API Key , paste it in to apiKey attribute.

import React, { useEffect } from "react";import { VideoSDKMeeting } from "";
export default function App() {  useEffect(() => {    const config = {      name: "Demo User",      meetingId: "milkyway",      apiKey: "<API KEY>",
      containerId: null,
      micEnabled: true,      webcamEnabled: true,      participantCanToggleSelfWebcam: true,      participantCanToggleSelfMic: true,
      chatEnabled: true,      screenShareEnabled: true,
     Other Feature Properties            */    };
    const meeting = new VideoSDKMeeting();    meeting.init(config);  }, []);
  return <div></div>;}

Stuck anywhere? Check out this react example code on github or download the full source code and unzip on your computer.

Step 3: Run the application#

Now, final step is to run the application and verify prebuilt in browesr.

$ npm start

Prebuilt SDK Example to add video call widget in your web application