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Live Stream - Create New Live Stream

This guide will provide an overview of how to create live stream using generated token in previous step Authentication.

Body Params#

Property NameTypeDescription
namestringName of your live stream.
recordbooleanWhether you are recording or not. true for record, false for not record. For more info you can follow Recording Guide.
restream [Optional]ArrayRTMP url and stream key from the provided platforms such as Youtube or Facebook. For more info you can follow Restream on Social Media.
curl -L -X POST '' \--header 'Authorization: `jwt token goes here`' \--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \--data-raw '{    "name": "Nickname for livestream",    "record": true,    "restream": [      {          "url": "rtmp://",          "streamKey": "0tjp-h6a2-8c9d-vusv-01uu"      }    ]}'
  • Response Body
    • idstring

      Unique identifier of live stream.
    • namestring

      Provided name of the live stream.
    • recordboolean

      Flag for live stream recording, which you have provided while creating live stream.
    • streamKeystring

      Stream keys are like your live stream’s password and address.
    • upstreamUrlstring

      where a RTMP stream is used to send video between an encoder and server.
    • downstreamUrlstring

      It's URL, Where you can play live stream in video player (Support HLS format).
    • recordingUrlstring

      It's URL, Where live stream recording is stored. NOTE: This property is only visible, if you set `record : true` in body params.
    • restreamarray

      This property contains object of RTMP url and streamKey, which you have provided in body params.