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Live Stream - Get Live Stream Details

This guide will provide an overview of retrieving particular live stream details using live stream id, which we have created in Create New Live Stream.

Query Params

Property NameTypeDescription
idstringunique id of live stream.
curl --request GET \
--url '${id}' \
--header 'Authorization: `jwt token goes here`'
  • Response Body
    • idstring

      Unique identifier of live stream.
    • namestring

      Provided name of the live stream.
    • recordboolean

      Flag for live stream recording, which you have provided while creating live stream.
    • streamKeystring

      Stream keys are like your live stream’s password and address
    • streamUrlstring

      It's URL, without streamKey.
    • upstreamUrlstring

      where a RTMP stream is used to send video between an encoder and server.
    • downstreamUrlstring

      It's URL, Where you can play live stream in video player (Support HLS format).
    • recordingUrlstring

      It's URL, Where live stream recording is stored.
    • restreamarray

      This property contains object of RTMP url and streamKey, which you have provided in body params.