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Live Stream - Restream on Social Media

Everyone has their preferred social media platforms (Youtube, Facebook and Linkedin) and it can be difficult to get people across different platforms. With Restream your viewers can see live stream no matter what platform they use.

Here we have use Youtube platform as an example to let you understand how we can achieve restream feature.


We have assume that you had already enabled live streaming in your youtube account. If not, you have to enable it by yourself and it will take approximately 24 hours to get enable.

Step 1: Go to Panel#

  • Go to Youtube, click on the Create button in the top right corner of the screen and select Go Live, you will be redirect to control panel.

Video SDK Home Dashboard

Step 2: Get your stream key & URL#

  • In stream settings, Look directly under the label to find the Stream key and Stream URL, copy both of them and paste it to Creating Live Stream body params.

Video SDK Home Dashboard