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Architecture of Real time communication API


sequenceDiagram Host->>App Server: Request for token; App Server->>Host: Received token; Host->>App Server: Request for meetingId; App Server->>VideoSDK Server: Request for meetingId; VideoSDK Server->>App Server: Sending meetingId; App Server->>Host: Received meetingId; Host->>Participants: Broadcast meetingId; Host->>App Server: Start Meeting; Participants-->>App Server: Join Meeting; Participants->>App Server: Request for token; App Server->>Participants: Received token; Participants->>App Server: Validate meetingId; Participants->>App Server: Leave Meeting; Host->>App Server: End Meeting;



A Meeting represents real-time audio, video, and/or screen-share session, and is the basic building block for media sharing among participants.


Participants are the client applications that are connected to a Meeting and shares video & audio media with one another.

Local Participant#

Participant producing audio or video stream from the local client's media sources


Streams are indiviual video & audio streams produced by the participants in the meeting

Active Speaker#

Active speaker represents the participant who is currently producing highest decibels audio stream (in other words speaking)

Active presenter#

Active presenter is the participant who is currently sharing his/her screen as a video stream

Main participant#

Main participant represents the client who shall be displayed on the main screen indicating that he/she is either presenting or speaking