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VideoSDK Class

The entry point into real-time communication SDK.

using VideoSDK Class#

The VideoSDK Class includes methods and events to initialize and configure the SDK. It is a factory class.


  • __methods

        config(token): void
      • tokenString

        initMeeting(meetingId, participantName, micEnabled, webcamEnabled): Meeting
      • meetingIdString

      • participantNameString(default:Guest)

      • micEnabledBool(default:true)

      • webcamEnabledBool(default:true)


Config and Init Example
import VideoSDK
// Configure the tokenVideoSDK.config(token: meetingData.token)
// Initialize the meetingmeeting = VideoSDK.initMeeting(    meetingId: meetingData.meetingId,    participantName:,    micEnabled: meetingData.micEnabled,    webcamEnabled: meetingData.cameraEnabled)