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With javascript SDK, you can

  • Customise call layout and interface
  • Manage all the events related to meetings and partcipants
  • Call routines on particular event.

To use javascript-sdk, you have two choices to make either use npm module or <script> tag in your bundler or direct in HTML.

Loading the library using <script> tag#

You can import this library using <script> tag. The easiest way to get started is to load this library from CDN, and add a couple of lines of code to your web page or app.

Load JS SDK in your app
<html>  <head>....</head>  <body>    .....    <script src=""></script>  </body></html>

Install JS SDK in your app / Bundling with webpack and other tools#

Another interesting option is to install library in your app and bundle it using webpack or rollup.

npm install

Then in your application code:

Webpack/node-style require
const ZujoSDK = require("");


ES6 import
import ZujoSDK from "";