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Meeting Provider

Meeting Provider simplifies configuration of meeting with by wrapping up core logic with react-context.

Every Context object in react-js comes with a Provider React component that allows consuming components to subscribe to context changes. To know more about context provider follow official document

Meeting Provider#

Meeting Provider
<MeetingProvider  config={{    meetingId: "meeting-id",    micEnabled: true,    webcamEnabled: true,    name: "Participant Name",  }}  token={"token"}  joinWithoutUserInteraction // Boolean></MeetingProvider>


  • __namedParametersrequiredobject

    • configrequiredobject

      • meetingIdrequiredstring

      • micEnabledrequiredboolean

      • webcamEnabledrequiredboolean

      • namerequiredstring

    • tokenrequiredstring

    • joinWithoutUserInteractionoptionalboolean