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Quickstart for Prebuilt JS

Prebuilt SDK enables opportunity to integrate real-time communication SDK witout writing explicit code. It just requires 10 minutes to integrate.

It supports all the modern frameworks such as plain JavaScript, React JS, Vue and Angular.


Also check out this example code on github or download the full source code and unzip on your computer to get started quickly.

Step 1: Signup with

Visit and signup with your Google or Github account to generate a new API key to run the prebuilt.

Step 2: Add script and setup the meeting#

Create an index.html file and add the following <script> tag at the end of your code's <body> tag. Intialize VideoSDKMeeting after the script gets loaded. Replace the apiKey with the one generated in Step 1.

<script>  var script = document.createElement("script");  script.type = "text/javascript";
  script.addEventListener("load", function (event) {    const meeting = new VideoSDKMeeting();
    const config = {      name: "John Doe",      apiKey: "<API KEY>", // generated in step 1      meetingId: "milkyway", // enter your meeting id
      containerId: null,      redirectOnLeave: "",
      micEnabled: true,      webcamEnabled: true,      participantCanToggleSelfWebcam: true,      participantCanToggleSelfMic: true,
      chatEnabled: true,      screenShareEnabled: true,      pollEnabled: true,      whiteBoardEnabled: true,      raiseHandEnabled: true,
      recordingEnabled: true,      recordingWebhookUrl: "",      participantCanToggleRecording: true,
      brandingEnabled: true,      brandLogoURL: "",      brandName: "Awesome startup",      poweredBy: true,
      participantCanLeave: true, // if false, leave button won't be visible
      // Live stream meeting to youtube      livestream: {        autoStart: true,        outputs: [          // {          //   url: "rtmp://",          //   streamKey: "<STREAM KEY FROM YOUTUBE>",          // },        ],      },
      permissions: {        askToJoin: false, // Ask joined participants for entry in meeting        toggleParticipantMic: true, // Can toggle other participant's mic        toggleParticipantWebcam: true, // Can toggle other participant's webcam      },
      joinScreen: {        visible: true, // Show the join screen ?        title: "Daily scrum", // Meeting title        meetingUrl: window.location.href, // Meeting joining url      },
      pin: {        allowed: true, // participant can pin any participant in meeting        layout: "SPOTLIGHT", // meeting layout - GRID | SPOTLIGHT | SIDEBAR      },    };
    meeting.init(config);  });
  script.src =    "";  document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(script);</script>

Step 3: Run the application#

Install any http server if you don't already have one and run the server to join meeting from browser.

$ npm install -g live-server$ live-server --port=8000

and open http://localhost:8000 in your web browser

Prebuilt SDK Example to add video call widget in your web application


Stuck anywhere? Check out this example code on github or download the full source code and unzip on your computer.