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Version: 1.0.x

Entry Request-Response

  • When anyone joins room, he/she will request for joining room and that request will get either accepted or denied by host.

Entry Request

  • When anyone asks for joining in your room, Events.entryRequested event is triggered with data having

    • participantId - This is the Id of participant, who have requested for joining room
    • name - This is the name of the participant.
    • allow() - Call this method if you want to allow that participant
    • deny() - Call this method if you want to deny that participant
room.on(Events.entryRequested, (data) {
var participantId = data['participantId'];
var name = data["name"];
var allow = data["allow"];
var deny = data["deny"];

context: context,
builder: (context) => AlertDialog(
title: const Text("Join Request"),
content: Text("Do you want to allow $name to join room?"),
actions: [
child: const Text("Deny"),
onPressed: () {
child: const Text("Allow"),
onPressed: () {

Entry Respond

  • If you have requested for joining room, Events.entryResponded is triggered when host accept or deny room.

    • decision - This will tell you, if you are allowed to join or not
room.on(Events.entryResponded, (data) {
var decision = data['decision'];
if (id == {
if (decision == 'allowed') {
print("Allowed to join the room.");
} else {
print("Denied to join the room.");