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Version: 1.0.x

Share Your Screen

  • Whenever any participant wants to share a complete screen of mobile, they can simply do it with VideoSDK Room.

  • This guide will provide an overview of how to enable or disable Screen Share in a room.

Enable Screen Share

  • Room class provides the method to enable screen-sharing.

  • In order to start screen-sharing just call room.enableScreenShare() method.

child: Text("Start ScreenSharing"),
onPressed: () {

For Flutter iOS Screen Share feature, you need to follow this guide Flutter iOS Screen Share

Customise notification

  • When a presenter starts screen share, presenter will receive a notification with a pre-defined title and messages.

  • You can Customise those title, message and icon as per your requirements using NotificationInfo class and passed to createRoom() method.

notification: const NotificationInfo(
title: "Video SDK",
message: "Video SDK is sharing screen in the room",
icon: "notification_share", // drawable icon name

Disable Screen Share

By using room.disableScreenShare() function, a participant can stop publishing screen stream to other participants.

child: Text("Stop ScreenSharing"),
onPressed: () {

Display Screen Share Stream

Local Participant

When a Local participant share the screen, streamEnabled Event on the Participant is triggered with the Stream which can be added to a RTCVideoView.

room.localParticipant.on(Events.streamEnabled, (Stream _stream) {
if (_stream.kind == 'share') {
screenShareStream = _stream;

Other Participants

When other participant(Except you) share their screen, presenterChanged Event on the Participant is triggered with the participantId of the screen share.

room.on(Events.presenterChanged, (_activePresenterId) {
Participant? activePresenterParticipant = room.participants[_activePresenterId];

Stream? _stream = activePresenterParticipant?
.singleWhere((e) => e.kind == "share");

remoteParticipantShareStream = _stream;