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Version: 1.1.x

RTMP Events - Flutter

VideoSDK provides the livestreamStateChanged event, which informs you about the current state of the livestream for the meeting.


  • This event is triggered when the livestream status of the meeting changes.
  • It can be subscribed to using the Room object.


Here is an example demonstrating the usage of the event mentioned on this page.

import 'dart:developer';
import 'package:flutter/material.dart';
import 'package:videosdk/videosdk.dart';

class MeetingScreen extends StatefulWidget {
//Existing configuration

class _MeetingScreenState extends State<MeetingScreen> {
late Room room;

void initState() {
//Existing configuration


Widget build(BuildContext context) {
return YourMeetingWidget();

void setupRoomEventListener() {
room.on(Events.liveStreamStateChanged, (String status) {
//Status can be :: LIVESTREAM_STARTING
//Status can be :: LIVESTREAM_STARTED
//Status can be :: LIVESTREAM_STOPPING
//Status can be :: LIVESTREAM_STOPPED
log("Meeting Livestream status : $status");

API Reference

The API references for all the methods and events utilized in this guide are provided below.

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