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Version: 1.0.x

Release Notes

This page will keep you update all the releases of Flutter SDK.


Release Date : 25th Nov 2022

Change log :

  1. Provide multistream parameter for sending multiple resolution layers or single resolution layer.

    Docs : Multi Stream


Release Date : 18th Nov 2022

Change log :

  1. Updated Gradle Version for Android.


Release Date : 1st Nov 2022

Change log :

  1. Added error events for room.

Bug Fix :

  1. Fixed crash on end(), while the room is not joined yet.


Release Date : 08th Oct 2022

Change log :

  1. Added support for Screen share in iOS.


Release Date : 04th Oct 2022

Change log :

  1. Added method to switch audio output device.

Bug Fix :

  1. Fixed: Error: No named parameter with name printDevLog during the build.


Release Date : 13th Sept 2022

Bug Fix :

  1. Fixed issue related to VideoRenderer.onFirstFrameRendered implementation.


Release Date : 1st Sept 2022

Bug Fix :

  1. Fixed issue on room ends.
  2. Provide better error message on room left


Release Date : 12th Aug 2022

Bug Fix :

  1. Fixed issue on switching camera.


Release Date : 10th Aug 2022

Change log :

  1. Renamed Meeting class to Room class.
  2. Changed import file package:videosdk/rtc.dart to package:videosdk/videosdk.dart
  3. Changed events
  4. Changed properties and methods for Room class
  5. Changed methods for Participant class
  6. Added VideoSDK.createRoom() to create VideoSDK Rooms. Use join() to join VideoSDK Room.
  7. Added defaultCameraIndex option to select default camera for Room Class.
  8. Added micEnabled property for Room Class.
  9. Added camEnabled property for Room Class.
  10. Added end() method for Room Class.
  11. Removed MeetingBuilder Widget.

Bug Fix :

  1. Fixed the issue of joining room (meeting) multiple time.
  2. Fixed issues related to resource consumption.