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Version: 2.0.x

Custom Video Track - iOS

  • You can create a Video Track using createCameraVideoTrack() method of VideoSDK class.
  • This method can be used to create video track using different encoding parameters, camera facing mode, and optimization mode.


  • encoderConfig:

    • type: CustomVideoTrackConfig
    • required: false
    • default: h360p_w640p
    • You can chose from the below mentioned list of values for the encoder config.
Encoder ConfigResolutionFrame RateBitrate
h90p_w160p160x9015 fps60000 kbps
h180p_w320p320x18015 fps120000 kbps
h216p_w384p384x21615 fps180000 kbps
h360p_w640p640x36020 fps300000 kbps
h540p_w960p960x54025 fps600000 kbps
h720p_w1280p1280x72030 fps2000000 kbps
h1080p_w1920p1920x108030 fps3000000 kbps
h1440p_w2560p2560x144030 fps5000000 kbps
h2160p_w3840p3840x216030 fps8000000 kbps
h120p_w160p160x12015 fps80000 kbps
h180p_w240p240x18015 fps100000 kbps
h240p_w320p320x24015 fps150000 kbps
h360p_w480p480x36020 fps225000 kbps
h480p_w640p640x48025 fps300000 kbps
h540p_w720p720x54030 fps450000 kbps
h720p_w960p960x72030 fps1500000 kbps
h1080p_w1440p1440x108030 fps2500000 kbps
h1440p_w1920p1920x144030 fps3500000 kbps

Above mentioned encoder configurations are valid for both, landscape as well as portrait mode.

  • facingMode:

    • type: String
    • required: false
    • Allowed values : .front | .back
    • It will specify whether to use front or back camera for the video track.
  • multiStream

    • type: boolean
    • required: false
    • default: true
    • It will specify if the stream should send multiple resolution layers or single resolution layer.
  • To learn more about optimizations and best practices for using custom video tracks, follow this guide.
  • This parameter is only available from v2.0.6.


  • RTCVideoTrack


guard let videoMediaTrack = try? VideoSDK.createCameraVideoTrack(
encoderConfig: .h720p_w1280p,
facingMode: .front,
) else { return}

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