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Version: 2.0.x

Remove Participant - iOS

Remove participant allows removing participant while session is on-going. This can be helpful when moderation in particular meeting is required.

let participant = meeting?.participants.first(where: { $ == <participantId> })

// Remove participant from active session
// This will emit an event called "onParticipantLeft" to that particular participant


onParticipantLeft - Removing participant will trigger onParticipantLeft event.

// MARK: - MeetingEventListener

extension MeetingViewController: MeetingEventListener {

/// A participant left from the meeting
/// - Parameter participant: participant object
func onParticipantLeft(_ participant: Participant) {
// remove listener

// remove from list and update ui
guard let index = self.participants.firstIndex(where: { $ == }) else {

// remove participant from list
participants.remove(at: index)

// hide from ui
// ex. remove from collectionview
// removeParticipantFromGridView(at: index)

API Reference

The API references for all the methods and events utilised in this guide are provided below.

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