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Version: 1.2.x

Speaker Indication

Speaker indication feature in VideoSDK let you know, which participant in a meeting is active speaker.

Whenever any participant speaks in meeting, speaker-changed event will trigger.

For example, the meeting is running with Alice and Bob. Whenever any of them speaks, speaker-changed event will trigger and return the speaker participantId.

We can access speaker-changed event through meeting object.

speaker-changed Event

/// Called when speaker is changed
/// - Parameter participantId: participant id of the speaker, nil when no one is speaking.
func onSpeakerChanged(participantId: String?) {

// show indicator for active speaker
if let participant = participants.first(where: { $ == participantId }),

// show indication for active speaker
// ex. show border color
// cell.contentView.layer.borderColor = : UIColor.clear.cgColor

// hide indicator for others participants
let otherParticipants = participants.filter { $ != participantId }
for participant in otherParticipants {

// ex. remove border color
//cell.contentView.layer.borderColor = UIColor.clear.cgColor