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Version: 2.0.x

Geo IP Restrictions - iOS

Our SDK features Geo IP Restriction to ensure adherence to location-based access controls. It determines the user's location using their IP address and allows or restricts content based on geographic rules. This is essential for businesses needing to comply with international content distribution laws or provide localized services.

By implementing Geo IP Restriction, you can control who accesses your services based on where they are, ensuring compliance with legal regulations and enhancing security. This feature also improves the user experience by ensuring content relevance and availability is tailored to the user's location.

sequenceDiagram participant User1 as "User 1 (India)" participant User2 as "User 2 (North America)" participant Meeting as "Meeting (Geo IP Restricted @ North America)" User1->>Meeting: Attempt Connect activate Meeting Meeting-->>User1: Connection Denied deactivate Meeting User2->>Meeting: Attempt Connect activate Meeting Meeting-->>User2: Connected deactivate Meeting;

In this sequence diagram:

  • User 1 (India) attempts to connect to a meeting that is geo-restricted to only allow connections from North America. The server denies the connection due to the geographic restrictions.
  • User 2 (North America) successfully connects because their location complies with the geo-restricted rules set on the meeting.


  • Avoid using geo ip restriction unless your scenario requires regional or VPN/Proxy restrictions.

Geo IP Restriction is only available under Enteprise Plan, Contact Sales for more information.

Available Regions

  • USA
  • UAE

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