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Version: 2.0.x

Error Events - iOS

VideoSDK provides onError event which will notify you of any error happening during the meeting.


  • This event will be triggered whenever any invalid configuration provided or server/network errors arise, this event will trigger with a specific error code and message.
  • This event is helpful for development level troubleshooting while integrating SDK.
  • You can implement this method of the abstract Class MeetingEventListener and add the listener to Meeting class using the addEventListener() method of Meeting Class.


import VideoSDKRTC

extension MeetingViewController: MeetingEventListener {
func onError(error: VideoSDKError) {
switch error {
case .INVALID_TOKEN: print("Invalid Token")

case .INVALID_MEETING_ID: print("Invalid Meeting Id")

case .INVALID_API_KEY: print("Invalid API Key")

case .INVALID_PERMISSIONS: print("Invalid Permissions")

case .INVALID_PARTICIPANT_ID: print("Invalid Participant ID")


Error Codes

We have depicted a specific constant with code and message in the below table.

INVALID_API_KEY4001apikey provided in the token is empty or invalid, please verify it on the dashboard.
INVALID_TOKEN4002token is empty or invalid or might have expired.
INVALID_MEETING_ID4003meetingId is empty or invalid, please verify it or generate new meetingId using the API.
INVALID_PARTICIPANT_ID4004participantId is empty or invalid, it shouldn't contain any whitespaces.
DUPLICATE_PARTICIPANT4005Leaving meeting, since this participantId joined from another device.
ACCOUNT_DEACTIVATED4006It seems your account is deactivated by VideoSDK for some reason, you can reach out to us at
ACCOUNT_DISCONTINUED4007Server will respond you with specific message.
INVALID_PERMISSIONS4008permissions provided in the token are invalid, please don't use allow_join or allow_mod with ask_join.
MAX_PARTICIPANT_REACHED4009You have reached max paritcipant limit in a meeting.
MAX_SPEAKER_REACHED4010You have reached max speaker limit in a meeting.
START_RECORDING_FAILED4011Recording start request failed due to an unknown error.
STOP_RECORDING_FAILED4012Recording stop request failed due to an unknown error.
START_LIVESTREAM_FAILED4013Livestream start request failed due to an unknown error.
STOP_LIVESTREAM_FAILED4014Livestream stop request failed due to an unknown error.
INVALID_LIVESTREAM_CONFIG4015Livestream 'outputs' configuration provided was invalid.
START_HLS_FAILED4016HLS start request failed due to an unknown error.
STOP_HLS_FAILED4017HLS stop request failed due to an unknown error.
RECORDING_FAILED5001Recording stopped due to an unknown error.
LIVESTREAM_FAILED5002Livestream stopped due to an unknown error.
HLS_FAILED5003HLS stopped due to an unknown error.
ERROR_GET_VIDEO_MEDIA3011Your browser/Device does not support Video.
ERROR_GET_AUDIO_MEDIA3012Your browser/Device does not support Audio.
ERROR_GET_DISPLAY_MEDIA3013Your browser/Device does not support Screen Sharing.
ERROR_GET_VIDEO_MEDIA_PERMISSION_DENIED3014Video capture permission denied.
ERROR_GET_AUDIO_MEDIA_PERMISSION_DENIED3015Audio capture permission denied.

API Reference

The API references for all the methods and events utilised in this guide are provided below.

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