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Version: 2.0.x

Meeting Events - iOS

VideoSDK provides multiple types of events which can be listened to know the current state of the meeting.

You can implement all the methods of MeetingEventListener abstract Class and add the listener to Meeting class using the addEventListener() method of Meeting Class.

Here are the events which specifically relate to the meeting.


  • This event is triggered when the meeting is successfully joined.


  • This event is triggered when the meeting is left.


  • This event is triggered when the active speaker in the meeting gets changed.


Here is the usage of all the events mentioned in this page.

extension MeetingViewController: MeetingEventListener {
/// Meeting started
func onMeetingJoined() {
print("Meeting Joined")
/// Meeting ended
func onMeetingLeft() {
print("Meeting Left")
///Speaker Changed
func onSpeakerChanged(participantId: String?) {
print("Speaker changer for:", participantID)

API Reference

The API references for all the methods and events utilised in this guide are provided below.

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