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Version: 2.0.x

Client Setup using Pods - iOS

iOS SDK is natively written SDK using Swift. It is compatible with both Objective-C and Swift.

Install an iOS SDK

The easiest way to get started is by installing the sdk in your app.

Step 1: Install VideoSDK using CocoaPods

To install VideoSDK, you must initialise the pod on the project by running the following command.

pod init

it will create the Podfile in your project folder, open that file and add the dependency for the VideoSDK like below:

pod 'VideoSDKRTC', :git => ''

then run the below code to install the pod:

pod install

It should install the latest version of VideoSDKRTC.

Step 2: Add permission to use microphone and camera. Insert following lines on code in info.plist

<string>Allow camera access to start video.</string>

<string>Allow microphone access to start audio.</string>

Step 3: Start using VideoSDK

Import SDK
import VideoSDKRTC

Check out official example of IOS SDK implementation: videosdk-rtc-ios-sdk-example

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