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Version: 2.0.x

Integrate VideoSDK Using Swift Package Manager (SPM) - iOS

Integrating VideoSDK with Swift Package Manager (SPM) on iOS is a straightforward process that enables you to effortlessly incorporate video and audio calling functionalities into your iOS application. Below are the steps to smoothly install VideoSDK using Swift Package Manager (SPM).

Step 2: Navigate to your XCode project.

Now select File > Add Package Dependencies.. in Menu bar.


Step 3: Add Package

  • Paste the above package link into the search bar. Select the dependency rule to the branch main.

  • Add the package, it should fetch the package.


  • Add the fetched package.


  • After the package is added successfully, it should show it in navigation panel under package dependencies section.


Step 4: Add permission to use microphone and camera. Insert following lines on code in info.plist

<string>Allow camera access to start video.</string>

<string>Allow microphone access to start audio.</string>

Step 5: Import package

Import the package into your project files using import VideoSDKRTC to start using the VideoSDK package.


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