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Version: 2.0.x

Release Notes - iOS

This page will keep you updated with all the releases of iOS SDK.


Release Date : 8th July 2024

New Features:

Added support for Hardware Accelerated Codec (H.264) in VideoSDK.createCameraVideoTrack(). This enhance compresses video data for efficient transmission over the internet, balancing quality and bandwidth usage.


Release Date : 21st June 2024

Bug Fix :

  1. Resolved a conflict between the join() method and createCameraVideoTrack() method's facingMode(front/back) property.

  2. The facingMode property now takes priority over the cameraPosition setting specified during join().


Release Date : 6th June 2024

New Features:

  1. Image capture that enables capturing local participant's image using methods.
  2. Fetch and upload base64 data during the meeting.
  3. Added public protocol VideoSDKVideoProcessor for processing frames manually.
  4. Added a public class VideoSDKBackgroundProcessor that helps in seamlessly starting virtual background during the meeting.
  5. Added setVideoProcessor method for setting the processor instance for frame processing.

Docs: Video Processor

Docs: Virtual Background

Docs: Image Capture

Docs: Temporary Storage


Release Date : 8th May 2024

Change Log :

  1. Introducing real-time transcription capabilities with the following methods:

    • startTranscription: Easily begin real-time transcription with a single method call.

      SDK Reference : startTranscription

    • stopTranscription: Stops ongoing transcription processes seamlessly when necessary.

      SDK Reference : stopTranscription

    • onTranscriptionStateChanged: Receive updates on transcription states, including started, stopped, and failed states.

      SDK Reference : onTranscriptionStateChanged

    • onTranscriptionText: Get real-time updates of transcription text as it is generated, ensuring a responsive transcription experience.

      SDK Reference : onTranscriptionText

  2. Introducing post-meeting transcription and summary capabilities with the recording and HLS methods:

    • startRecording(): Begins recording the meeting and supports post-transcription and summary configuration.

      SDK Reference : startRecording

    • startHls(): Starts HLS streaming with options for post-transcription and summary settings.

      SDK Reference : startHls

  3. Added new error code for better debugging. Checkout the list of available error codes here

Docs: Realtime Transcription

Docs: Post Transcription & Summary


Release Date : 28th April 2024

Change log :

  1. Support for Custom Audio Track added.

Bug Fix :

  1. Room stats issue fixed.


Release Date : 11th April 2024

Change log :

  1. Screen share feature added into SDK.

  2. Precall-Functions added into SDK.

  3. Added Change-Mic method into SDK.


Release Date : 2nd January 2024

Change log : None

Bug Fix :

  1. Video Stream Orientation Issue Fix (Firefox): Resolved an issue where the video stream orientation was incorrect, specifically for users using the Firefox browser. This fix ensures a consistent and accurate video display on Firefox.

  2. System Mic Enable Fix on Call Exit: Resolved an issue where the system microphone remained active after a user exited a call. This update ensures that the system microphone is now properly disabled upon leaving a call, safeguarding user privacy.


Release Date : 25th September 2023

Change log : None

Bug Fix :

  1. Fix: HLSUrl class properties access modifier changed.


Release Date : 8th September 2023

Change log :

  1. Updated startRecording with custom config support.


Release Date : 2nd September 2023

Change log :

  1. Integrate Open telemetry Traces & Logs (internal-release).


Release Date : 12th June 2023

Change log :

  1. Get stats integration on participant.


Release Date : 5th June 2023

Change log :

  1. Custom Participant Id Support.

  2. Participant's Pin/Unpin method added.

  3. New meeting events added like WebSocket events, state changes of HLS, Meeting, Streams, etc.


Release Date : 11th May 2023

Change log :

  1. Websocket events integration in meeting.

  2. Meeting events integration in meeting.

  3. SDK Error integration in meeting.

  4. Start/Stop HLS support.


Release Date : 02nd May 2023

Change log :

  1. New features added of customVideoTrack and Multistream support.


Release Date : 29th April 2023

Change log :

  1. Added support for custom-video-track in meeting.


Release Date : 17th April 2023

Change log : None

Bug Fix :

  • SDK internal improvements.


Release Date : 11th April 2023

Change log :

  1. Replace Starscream dependency with VideoSDKWebSocket.


Release Date : 10th March 2023

Change log : None

Bug Fix :

  • Video and share stream issue fixed.


Release Date : 23rd February 2023

Change log : None

Bug Fix :

  • Enhanced SDK with reduction of dependency errors.


Release Date : 20th February 2023

Change log :

  • Extended the Mediasoup's MediaKind enum for adding share Mediakind.


Release Date : 09th January 2023

Change log : None

Bug Fix :

  • Reduced memory leaks and crashes in SDK.

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