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Version: 2.0.x

Join Meeting - iOS


After meeting initialization by initMeeting() it returns a new instance of Meeting. If you have not initialized a meeting yet, you can follow the guide here. However, by default, it will not automatically join the meeting. Hence, to join the meeting you have to call join() .


  • To join the meeting you can call the join() method of Meeting class.
  • This method can be called after the meeting is initialized using VideoSDK class.
private func initializeMeeting(cameraPosition: AVCaptureDevice.Position? = .front) {

// initialize
meeting = VideoSDK.initMeeting(
meetingId: "abcd-wxyz-efgh",
participantId: "JD",
participantName: "John Doe",
micEnabled: true,
webcamEnabled: true,

// Add event listener for listening upcoming events of meeting

// join
meeting?.join(cameraPosition: cameraPosition ?? .front) // .front, .back

Events associated with Join

Following callbacks are received when a participant is successfully joined.

extension MeetingViewController: MeetingEventListener {

// Event to know meeting is joined
func onMeetingJoined() {
print("You just joined the meeting")

// Event to know some other participant joined
func onParticipantJoined(_ participant: Participant) {
print("A new remote participant", \(participant.displayName) + "just joined the meeting")

API Reference

The API references for all the methods and events utilised in this guide are provided below.

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