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Version: 0.0.x

Stop HLS - Javascript

Stopping HLS refers to the process of halting the ongoing HLS stream transmission, indicating that the stream is no longer accessible to viewers.

Stopping HLS

The stopHls() method, accesible from the meeting object, is used to stop the interactive livestream of a meeting.


let meeting;

// Initialize Meeting
meeting = VideoSDK.initMeeting({
// ...

const stopHlsBtn = document.getElementById("stopHlsBtn");
stopHlsBtn.addEventListener("click", () => {
// Stop HLS

Event associated with HLS

  • hls-state-changed - The hls-state-changed event is triggered whenever the state of meeting HLS changes.

  • You will get HLS_STOPPING and HLS_STOPPED status on calling stopHls().


downstreamUrl is now depecated. Use playbackHlsUrl or livestreamUrl in place of downstreamUrl

let meeting;

// Initialize Meeting
meeting = VideoSDK.initMeeting({
// ...

const Constants = VideoSDK.Constants;

meeting.on("hls-state-changed", (data) => {
const { status } = data;

if (status === Constants.hlsEvents.HLS_STARTING) {
console.log("Meeting Hls is starting");
} else if (status === Constants.hlsEvents.HLS_STARTED) {
// on hlsStateChanged started you will receive playbackHlsUrl and livestreamUrl
const { playbackHlsUrl } = data;
console.log("Meeting Hls is started");
} else if (status === Constants.hlsEvents.HLS_STOPPING) {
console.log("Meeting Hls is stopping");
} else if (status === Constants.hlsEvents.HLS_STOPPED) {
console.log("Meeting Hls is stopped");
} else {

API Reference

The API references for all the methods utilized in this guide are provided below.

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