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Establish Connection between Meetings - Javascript


  • connectTo - This method is used for establishing connection between rooms. This method accept meetingId and payload as an object.


  • connection-open - Whenever connection between two rooms established successfully, this event will trigger and return Connection list.


Meeting_A wants to connect with Meeting_B, now in this case Meeting_A will use connectTo method and pass meeintgId and payload.

connectTo({ meetingId: "Meeting_B_ID", payload: "Hello Everyone." });

After using this method, connection-open event will be emitted at both meetings and then Meeting_A & Meeting_B gets connected to each other.

Method and Event Code

// Create Connection to Meeting B
meeting.connectTo({ meetingId: "Meeting_B_ID", payload: "Hello Everyone." });

// This event will be emitted to participants of both meetings, Meeting A & Meeting B
meeting.on("connection-open", (connection) => {
console.log("Connection", connection);

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