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Version: 0.0.x

Share Your Screen - Javascript

Whenever any participant wants to share either the complete screen, a specific window or, a browser tab, they can simply do it with VideoSDK Meeting.

This guide will provide an overview of how to use enable and disable Screen Share in a meeting.

  1. Enable Screen Share - By using enableScreenShare() function, a participant can publish screen stream to other participants.
  2. Disable Screen Share - By using disableScreenShare() function, a participant can stop publishing screen stream to other participants.

Enable, Disable Screen Share

const onPress = () => {
// Enabling ScreenShare

// Disabling ScreenShare


Events associated with enableScreenShare():

Events associated with disableScreenShare():

participant.on("stream-enabled", (stream) => {
if (stream.kind === "share") {
//particiapnt turned on screen share
//Render screenshare logic here

participant.on("stream-disabled", (stream) => {
if (stream.kind === "share") {
//particiapnt turned off screenshare
//remove screenshare logic here

meeting.on("presenter-changed", (presenterId) => {
if (presenterId) {
//someone start presenting
} else {
//someone stopped presenting

Screen Share with Audio

To do screen share with audio, select the Share tab audio option when sharing the chrome tab as shown below.

Screen Share with Audio

After clicking Share button, you will receive a selected tab audio stream in the participant stream-enabled callback with kind as shareAudio.

participant.on("stream-enabled", (stream) => {
if (stream.kind == "shareAudio") {
const audioElem = createShareAudioElement(, stream);

//add audioElem to your container

// creating audio element
function createShareAudioElement(pId, stream) {
if (pId == return;

let audioElement = document.createElement("audio");
audioElement.setAttribute("autoPlay", false);
audioElement.setAttribute("playsInline", "false");
audioElement.setAttribute("controls", "false");
audioElement.setAttribute("id", `a-share-${pId}`); = "none";

const mediaStream = new MediaStream();
audioElement.srcObject = mediaStream;
.catch((error) => console.error(" failed", error));
return audioElement;

Screen Share with Audio feature is only supported while sharing chrome tab on Google Chrome browser only.

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