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Version: 0.0.x

Send Messages - Javascript

Whenever any participant wants to notify other participants via chat messages or Raise hand, they can simply do it with VideoSDK Meeting.

This guide will provide an overview of how to implement chat in a meeting using the PubSub mechanisum.

  1. Chat Message - If a participant wants to inform or notify something in current meeting, they can use meeting.pubSub.publish() function by providing {topic: 'CHAT', message:"Anything they wish to send" , {persist:true}} object argument.

  2. Raised Hand - If a participant has some doubts during the meeting and wants to raise hand, they can use sendChatMessage() function by providing {topic: 'RAISED_HAND', message:"" , {persist:true}} object argument.


message property can only take string as an argument.

Send Message And Raised Hand

const onPress = () => {
// Sending Message
meeting?.pubSub?.publish(topic: "CHAT", message: "Hello Everyone!", { persist: true })

// Raising Hand
meeting?.pubSub?.publish(topic: "RAISED_HAND", message: "", { persist: false })

Receiving the message

Whenever any participant sending message/raise hand in the meeting, then the message will be received to everyone how has subscribed to the topic which will contain senderId, senderName, timeStamp, message.

meeting.pubSub.subscribe("CHAT", (data) => {
let { message, senderId, senderName, timestamp } = data;
const chatBox = document.getElementById("chatArea");
const chatTemplate = `
<div style="margin-bottom: 10px; ${ == senderId && "text-align : right"
<span style="font-size:12px;">${senderName}</span>
<div style="margin-top:5px">
<span style="background:${ == senderId ? "grey" : "crimson"
chatBox.insertAdjacentHTML("beforeend", chatTemplate);

meeting.pubSub.subscribe("RAISED_HAND", (data) => {
let { message, senderId, senderName, timestamp } = data;
console.log(senderName, " raised Hand");

Check a detailed description of PubSub here.

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