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Version: 0.0.x

HLS Events - Javascript

VideoSDK provides the hls-state-changed event, which informs you about the current state of HLS for the meeting.


  • This event is triggered when the HLS status of the meeting changes.
  • It can be subscribed to using the meeting object.

downstreamUrl is now depecated. Use playbackHlsUrl or livestreamUrl in place of downstreamUrl


Here is an example demonstrating the usage of the event mentioned on this page.

let meeting;

// Initialize Meeting
meeting = VideoSDK.initMeeting({
// ...

const Constants = VideoSDK.Constants;

meeting.on("hls-state-changed", (data) => {
const { status } = data;

if (status === Constants.hlsEvents.HLS_STARTING) {
console.log("Meeting Hls is starting");
} else if (status === Constants.hlsEvents.HLS_STARTED) {
// when hls is started you will receive playbackHlsUrl and livestreamUrl.
const { playbackHlsUrl } = data;

console.log("Meeting Hls is started");
} else if (status === Constants.hlsEvents.HLS_STOPPING) {
console.log("Meeting Hls is stopping");
} else if (status === Constants.hlsEvents.HLS_STOPPED) {
console.log("Meeting Hls is stopped");
} else {

API Reference

The API references for all the methods and events utilized in this guide are provided below.

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