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Version: 0.0.x

Release Notes

This page will keep you update all the releases of JavaScript SDK.


Release Date : 29th July 2022

Change log:

  1. Added getVideoStats and getAudioStats methods for getting particular participant streams statistics.

    SDK Reference : getVideoStats

    SDK Reference : getAudioStats

  2. Added meeting-state-changed event for getting state of meeting changes.

    SDK Reference : meeting-state-changed


Release Date : 23rd July 2022

Change log :

  1. Set Audio packet priority high.

  2. Internal dependency update.


Release Date : 19th July 2022

Change log :

  1. Recording and Livestream status event added.

    Docs : Recording Events


Release Date : 1st July 2022

Change log :

  1. Add the ViewPort method for better video quality based on view container.

    Docs : How to Set Viewport?

    Video : Improve Video Calling Quality with Video SDK

  2. Provide Echo Cancellation on the audio stream.

Bug Fix :

  1. Remove googDsp dependency warn.

  2. Resolve changeWebcam and changeMic customTrack issue.

v0.0.34 & v0.0.35

Release Date : 7th June 2022

Change log : None

Bug Fix :

  1. Resolve UDP port blocking and video blackout issue.

v0.0.32 & v0.0.33

Release Date : 16th May 2022

Change log :

  1. Update Internal dependency.


Release Date : 14th May 2022

Change log : None

Bug Fix :

  1. Custom track issue on initMeeting fix.

  2. Throw error when device or browser does not support audio or video communication.

  3. Resolved error No peers found for the Data consumer while start recording/ livestream/hls.


Release Date : 29th April 2022

Change log :

  1. Applied custom video track on changeWebcam method.

  2. Applied custom audio track on changeMic method.

Bug Fix :

  1. Resolve Mozila browser (Mac OS) localParticipant Video blackout issue.


Release Date : 23rd April 2022

Change log :

  1. Release Custom Video track feature

    Docs : How to use Custom Video track?

  2. Release Custom Audio track feature

    Docs : How to use Custom Audio track?

  3. Release Custom Screen Share track feature

    Docs : How to use Custom Screen Share track?


Release Date : 12th February 2022

Change log :

  1. Release Pubsub message feature for text communication.

    Docs : How to use Pubsub feature?

  2. Customise recording layout for Cloud Recording / HLS and RTMP out.

    SDK Reference : Start Recording

    SDK Reference : Start HLS

    SDK Reference : Start RTMP


Release Date : 10th January 2022

Change log :

  1. Connect Meetings (BETA): This new feature enables you to fetch participant data between two or more meetings and make participants switch meetings.

    Docs : How to use Connect Meetings feature?

  2. Added meeting.on(“error”) event listener to subscribe to all meeting errors occurring in the SDK.

    Docs : Error Event

  3. Add custom participantId in initMeeting method

    SDK Reference : Custom ParticipantId