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Version: 0.0.x

Release Notes - Javascript

This page will provide you with updates on all releases of the Javascript SDK.


Release Date : 19th January 2024

Change Log :

  • Provide getNetworkStats() method in VideoSDK class to get downloadSpeed and uploadSpeed of network.

    Docs : getNetworkStats()

  • Change Permission parameter to Optional in requestPermission() and checkPermissions() methods of VideoSDK class.


Release Date : 5th January 2024

Change Log :

  • Provide Pre-Call Screen's features.

    • Provide getDevices() method in VideoSDK class to get list of media input/output devices.

      Docs : getDevices()

    • Provide getCameras() method in VideoSDK class to get list of camera input devices.

      Docs : getCameras()

    • Provide getMicrophones() method in VideoSDK class to get list of audio input devices.

      Docs : getMicrophones()

    • Provide getPlaybackDevices() method in VideoSDK class to get list of audio output devices.

      Docs : getPlaybackDevices()

    • Provide requestPermission() method in VideoSDK class to request a media permission.

      Docs : requestPermission()

    • Provide checkPermission() method in VideoSDK class to check status of a media permissions.

      Docs : checkPermission()

  • Provide Getter for currently used webcam and mic device

    • Provide selectedCameraDevice property in Meeting class to get currently used camera device in the meeting.

      Docs : selectedCameraDevice

    • Provide selectedMicrophoneDevice property in Meeting class to get currently used microphone device in the meeting.

      Docs : selectedMicrophoneDevice

  • Optimized Reconnection Logics.


Release Date : 30th Dec 2023

Change Log :

  • Reduce SDK size.


Release Date : 1st Dec 2023

Change Log :

  • Added captureImage method in the Participant object to capture the image of the user from MediaStream.

    Docs : captureImage()


Release Date : 27th Oct 2023

Change Log :

  • Added metaData property associated with Participant to pass additional information.
  • Added payload feature in PubSub to pass additional payload data.
  • Added sendOnly feature to PubSub to Publish data for only Participants mentioned.


Release Date : 7th Oct 2023

Bug Fix :

  • Fixed trackEnded issue while removing wired headset.


Release Date : 4th May 2023

Bug Fix :

  • Updated type definations

  • Fixed changeMic not switching mic issue.

  • Fixed deviceId ignored if device had a virtual camera.


Release Date : 29th April 2023

Change log :

  • Added Typescript Support.

Bug Fix :

  • The Remote participant audio levels remain consistent even when the local participant mutes or unmutes their microphone.

  • RTC stats are now available on the latest browser versions.


Release Date : 31st March 2023

Change log :

  • HLS_PLAYABLE state added in hls-state-changed event.
  • livestreamState, recordingState, hlsState and hlsUrls getters added in Meeting.
  • hlsUrls getter added in Meeting


Release Date : 3rd March 2023

Change log :

  • Updated Types.

  • Updated Internal Dependencies.


Release Date : 10th February 2023

Change log :

  • Improve bitrate logic in the multiStream feature so that user's CPU and the network are optimise.


Release Date : 6th February 2023

Change log :

  • Replace custom track in changeWebcam method.


Release Date : 3rd February 2023

Change log : none

Bug Fix :

  • Network switch & reconnection issue fixes (covered all possible edge cases that were causing interruptions during the meeting)


Release Date : 28th December 2022

Change log : none

Bug Fix :


Release Date : 20th December 2022

Change log :

  1. Participant can toggle between the CONFERENCE and VIEWER mode by using changeMode() method.

    Docs : Change Mode


Release Date : 14th December 2022

Change log : None

Bug Fix :

  1. Fix failed: DOMException: Answer tried to enable an m-section that was disabled in the offer error on Enable Webcam in Firefox browser.


Release Date : 25th November 2022

Change log :

  1. To obtain screen sharing statistics, the Participant class now has a getShareStats function.


Release Date : 11th November 2022

Change log :

  1. Provide multistream parameter for sending multiple resolution layers or single resolution layer.

    Docs : Multi Stream

  2. Provide video-quality-changed in Participant class to listen video quality changes.

    SDK Reference : video-quality-changed

  3. Provide meeting CONFERENCE and VIEWER mode on initMeeting.

    SDK Reference : Meeting Mode


Release Date : 4th November 2022

Change log :

  • Provide Types support.


Release Date : 23rd September 2022

Change log :

  1. Added Error Event for,

    1. If someone is denying media controls permissions such as Video, Mic and Screen Share
    2. Previous Recording, RTMP or HLS is being processed.

Error Code Table :

ERROR_GET_VIDEO_MEDIA_PERMISSION_DENIED3014Video capture permission denied.
ERROR_GET_AUDIO_MEDIA_PERMISSION_DENIED3015Audio capture permission denied.
ERROR_GET_DISPLAY_MEDIA_PERMISSION_DENIED3016Screen sharing permission denied.
PREV_RECORDING_PROCESSING4018Previous recording session is being processed, please try again after few seconds!
PREV_RTMP_RECORDING_PROCESSING4019Previous RTMP recording session is being processed, please try again after few seconds!
PREV_HLS_STREAMING_PROCESSING4020Previous HLS streaming session is being processed, please try again after few seconds!
  1. Event added for HLS state (starting, started, stopping and stopped)

    SDK Reference : hls-state-changed

This version will store timeline of the session, session stats and participant stats. This will be available in your VideoSDK Session Dashboard


Release Date : 21st August 2022

Change log : None

Bug Fix :

  1. Fix reading on undefined error.


Release Date : 11th August 2022

Change log : None

Bug Fix :

  1. Fixed issues with Custom audio and video tracks.

  2. Updated types indicating optional value or not.


Release Date : 05th August 2022

Change Log:

  1. Added support for screenshare with Audio.

  2. Custom audio, video and share track now accepts MediaStream instead of MediaStreamTrack.

  3. Added types for better IDE support.


Release Date : 29th July 2022

Change log:

  1. Added getVideoStats and getAudioStats methods for getting particular participant streams statistics.

    SDK Reference : getVideoStats

    SDK Reference : getAudioStats

  2. Added meeting-state-changed event for getting state of meeting changes.

    SDK Reference : meeting-state-changed


Release Date : 23rd July 2022

Change log :

  1. Set Audio packet priority high.

  2. Internal dependency update.


Release Date : 19th July 2022

Change log :

  1. Recording and Livestream status event added.

    Docs : Recording Events


Release Date : 1st July 2022

Change log :

  1. Add the ViewPort method for better video quality based on view container.

    Docs : How to Set Viewport?

    Video : Improve Video Calling Quality with Video SDK

  2. Provide Echo Cancellation on the audio stream.

Bug Fix :

  1. Remove googDsp dependency warn.

  2. Resolve changeWebcam and changeMic customTrack issue.

v0.0.34 & v0.0.35

Release Date : 7th June 2022

Change log : None

Bug Fix :

  1. Resolve UDP port blocking and video blackout issue.

v0.0.32 & v0.0.33

Release Date : 16th May 2022

Change log :

  1. Update Internal dependency.


Release Date : 14th May 2022

Change log : None

Bug Fix :

  1. Custom track issue on initMeeting fix.

  2. Throw error when device or browser does not support audio or video communication.

  3. Resolved error No peers found for the Data consumer while start recording/ livestream/hls.


Release Date : 29th April 2022

Change log :

  1. Applied custom video track on changeWebcam method.

  2. Applied custom audio track on changeMic method.

Bug Fix :

  1. Resolve Mozila browser (Mac OS) localParticipant Video blackout issue.


Release Date : 23rd April 2022

Change log :

  1. Release Custom Video track feature

    Docs : How to use Custom Video track?

  2. Release Custom Audio track feature

    Docs : How to use Custom Audio track?

  3. Release Custom Screen Share track feature

    Docs : How to use Custom Screen Share track?


Release Date : 12th February 2022

Change log :

  1. Release Pubsub message feature for text communication.

    Docs : How to use Pubsub feature?

  2. Customise recording layout for Cloud Recording / HLS and RTMP out.

    SDK Reference : Start Recording

    SDK Reference : Start HLS

    SDK Reference : Start RTMP


Release Date : 10th January 2022

Change log :

  1. Connect Meetings (BETA): This new feature enables you to fetch participant data between two or more meetings and make participants switch meetings.

    Docs : How to use Connect Meetings feature?

  2. Added meeting.on(“error”) event listener to subscribe to all meeting errors occurring in the SDK.

    Docs : Error Event

  3. Add custom participantId in initMeeting method

    SDK Reference : Custom ParticipantId

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