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Version: 0.3.x

Prebuilt SDK Example

name: "John Doe",
apiKey: "YOUR API KEY", // generated from
meetingId: "milkyway", // enter your meeting id

// @discontinued
// region: "sg001",
// The region parameter has been discontinued; instead, the Video SDK's smart service will pick the best optimal servers for a conference, closest to your end-users' location. If you still need to hold your conferences in a specific region, i.e. Geo Fencing.

containerId: null,
redirectOnLeave: "",

micEnabled: true,
webcamEnabled: true,
participantCanToggleSelfWebcam: true,
participantCanToggleSelfMic: true,
participantCanLeave: true, // if false, leave button won't be visible

chatEnabled: true,
screenShareEnabled: true,
pollEnabled: true,
whiteboardEnabled: true,
raiseHandEnabled: true,

recording: {
autoStart: true, // auto start recording on participant joined
enabled: true,
webhookUrl: "",
awsDirPath: `/meeting-recordings/${meetingId}/`, // automatically save recording in this s3 path

livestream: {
autoStart: true,
enabled: true,

hls: {
enabled: true,
autoStart: false,

layout: {
priority: "PIN", // "SPEAKER" | "PIN",
// gridSize: 3,

branding: {
enabled: true,
name: "Prebuilt",
poweredBy: false,

permissions: {
pin: true,
askToJoin: false, // Ask joined participants for entry in meeting
toggleParticipantMic: true, // Can toggle other participant's mic
toggleParticipantWebcam: true, // Can toggle other participant's webcam
toggleParticipantScreenshare: true, // Can toggle other partcipant's screen share
toggleParticipantMode: true, // Can toggle other participant's mode
canCreatePoll: true, // Can create a poll
toggleHls: true, // Can toggle Start HLS button
drawOnWhiteboard: true, // Can draw on whiteboard
toggleWhiteboard: true, // Can toggle whiteboard
toggleVirtualBackground: true, // Can toggle virtual background
toggleRecording: true, // Can toggle meeting recording
toggleLivestream: true, //can toggle live stream
removeParticipant: true, // Can remove participant
endMeeting: true, // Can end meeting
changeLayout: true, //can change layout

joinScreen: {
visible: true, // Show the join screen ?
title: "Daily scrum", // Meeting title
meetingUrl: window.location.href, // Meeting joining url

leftScreen: {
// visible when redirect on leave not provieded
actionButton: {
// optional action button
label: "Video SDK Live", // action button label
href: "", // action button href

notificationSoundEnabled: true,

debug: true, // pop up error during invalid config or netwrok error

maxResolution: "sd", // "hd" or "sd"

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