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Version: 0.3.x

Change Layout - Prebuilt

This feature allows participants to change layout in the meeting.

  • changeLayout : If Set to true then participants can change their layout from an ongoing meeting by clicking on config button as shown in the following figure.


  • layout.type: It should be a any of GRID or SPOTLIGHT or SIDEBAR, by default it is set to GRID.
  • layout.priority: if set to speaker then speaker will get high priority even though someone else is pinned.Otherwise pin participate will get higher priority for layout.
  • layout.gridSize : if layout.type set to GRID then participant can also set gridSize for the meeting screen . For example if gridSize set to 3 then only 3 participants will be appear on the meeting screen.

Better understanding of Layouts

1. GRID Layout

This layout is default layout if no participants are pinned, it will look same as a normal meeting grid layout, when any participant is pinned that participant will be moved on top of the main screen grid above all non pinned participants


While screenshare as well the main view will contain only screenshare media but the side panel view of participant grid will maintain same order of pinned and unpinned participants.


2. SIDEBAR Layout

This layout will have one main screen view and other sidebar grid layout. Only pinned participant will be visible in this layout, all unpinned participants will not be visible in this layout. If more than one participant is pinned then the first participant who was pinned will appear in main screen layout and all other remaining pinned particiapants will be visible in sidebar.


If any pinned participant started screenshare then the screenshare media will be visible in main screen layout and all other pinned participants webcam view will be visible in sidebar



This layout will only contain main screen layout, multiple pinned participants will be visible in main screen view. Same as SIDEBAR layout only pinned participants will be visible in main screen.


If any pinned participant started screenshare then only screenshare view will be visible in main screen, no webcam view will be visible when any pinned participant started screenshare.


Layout attributes

const config = {
// ...
permissions: {
//other permissions
changeLayout: true,
layout: {
priority: "PIN", // "SPEAKER" | "PIN",
gridSize: 3,
// ...

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