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Version: 0.3.x

Go Live On Social Media - Prebuilt

Livestreaming allows participant to broadcast meeting on various social media platforms such as Facebook or Youtube. This guide will provide an overview of how participant can start and stop broadcasting meeting.


Live streaming flow

  1. Click on More Options Button you can find Add Live Streams selection option.


  1. Add your streaming platforms there.
  2. Now one can live their streams on different platforms by hitting Go Live button.

Live streaming attributes

  • toggleLivestream : When set to true it will enable you to add your streaming platform details when you click on Add Live Streams button.
  • liveStream.enabled : When set to true , one can go live otherwise one has no permission to go live even if live streaming platforms has been added.
  • liveStream.autoStart: If it is true then live streaming will start automatically when the meeting starts, default value is false (You can't start live streaming during the meeting).
  • liveStream.theme: You can provide theme when you live streaming the meeting . it can be a either DARK , LIGHT or DEFAULT.

keep liveStream.enabled and toggleLivestream true in order to see Add Live Stream button

const config = {
// ...

permissions: {
//other permissions
toggleLivestream: true,
livestream: {
autoStart: true,
enabled: true,
theme: "DARK", // DARK || LIGHT || DEFAULT
// ...

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