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Version: 0.3.x

Share Your Screen - Prebuilt

Screen sharing allows any participant who wants to share either the complete screen, a specific window or, a browser tab during the meeting.

How it works ?

  • While screenShareEnabled value is set to true, you will show screen share button as display in below image.

  • While screenShareEnabled value is set to false, the below screen share button will not appear.

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Screen Share Attributes

  • screenShareEnabled: If it is true, then screen share button will be visible on top bar of the meeting. If it is false, then screen share button won't be available on top bar of the meeting.
const config = {
// ...
screenShareEnabled: true,
// ...

Screen Share with Audio

To do screen share with audio, select the Share tab audio option when sharing the chrome tab as shown below.

Screen Share with Audio


Screen Share with Audio feature is only supported while sharing chrome tab on Google Chrome browser only.

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