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Version: 0.3.x

Prebuilt SDK Overview

Video SDK enables easy to use one-to-one and group call support with voice only and voice + video call modes.


A maximum of 50 participants can be added in one room. And a maximum of 15 videos can be turned ON in a single room. If your application necessitates a higher quota, please Contact Us


Audio and Video CallSend and receive local and remote videos and audio from multiple participants
Screen SharingEnables the user to share the screen to other users in the room.
Rich ChatEnables the user to send messages .
RTMP StreamingEnables going live to RTMP compatible streaming services such as YouTube or Twitch.
Cloud RecordingRecord and store composed cloud recordings to your favorite storage provider.
Dynamic LayoutChage layout of meeting, recording and live streaming on-fly.
HLS StreamingHLS Streaming allows for scaling to millions of viewers in near real time.

Known issues

1.x.xBlackout videos in newer version of safari and chrome

Getting Started with Prebuilt Video & Audio Calling

Prebuilt SDK is an easy-to-use video meeting SDK. Embed video meetings into an application or website with the API allowing your team to build faster and ship more often.


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