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Version: 0.0.x

Types - Python | VideoSDK


ParameterDescriptionTypeRequiredDefault Value
meeting_idUnique Id of the meeting where that participant will be joining.strYes-
nameName of the participant who will be joining the meeting, this name will be displayed to other participants in the same meeting.strYes-
mic_enabledWhether mic of the participant will be on while joining the meeting. If set to false, mic will be disabled by default but can be changed later.boolYes-
webcam_enabledWhether webcam of the participant will be on while joining the meeting. If set to false, webcam will be disabled by default but can be changed later.boolYes-
tokenThe auth token generated from your server.strYes-
participant_idCustom participant ID.strNo-
custom_camera_video_trackSet the initial custom video track using different encoding parameters, camera facing mode, and optimization mode.MediaStreamTrackNo-
custom_microphone_audio_trackSet the initial custom audio track using different encoding parameters and optimization mode.MediaStreamTrackNo-
modeMode of the meeting. CONFERENCE produces and consumes audio/video streams. VIEWER does not.strNoCONFERENCE
meta_dataAdditional details about a user joining a meeting, such as their profile image.DictNo-
preferred_protocolPreferred protocol: UDP_OVER_TCP attempts UDP first, then TCP; UDP_ONLY forces UDP; TCP_ONLY forces TCP.strNoUDP_OVER_TCP
signaling_base_urlProxy URL to origin signaling and media.strNo-

You can use this table to quickly reference the parameters and their details for configuring a meeting using MeetingConfig.


Meeting Config
  from videosdk import MeetingConfig
meeting_config = MeetingConfig(
meeting = VideoSDK.init_meeting(**meeting_config)


ParameterDescriptionTypeRequiredDefault Value
topicThe topic under which the message will be published.strYes-
messageThe message to be published under the specified topic.strYes-
optionsOptions for publish.dictNo-
payloadAdditional data or details to be included with the message.dictNo-


ParameterDescriptionTypeRequiredDefault Value
persistWhether the message should be persisted or not. If true, the message will be stored persistently.boolNofalse

Sure, here are the definitions in the form of Markdown tables:


ParameterDescriptionTypeRequiredDefault Value
topicThe topic to subscribe to.strYes-
cbThe callback function to handle messages for this topic.CallableYes-


ParameterDescriptionTypeRequiredDefault Value
enabledWhether summary is enabled or not.boolNoFalse
promptAn optional string prompt to customize the summary.Optional[str]NoNone


ParameterDescriptionTypeRequiredDefault Value
webhook_urlThe URL for the webhook to send transcription updates.Optional[str]NoNone
summaryConfiguration for generating a summary.Optional[SummaryConfig]NoNone


ParameterDescriptionTypeRequiredDefault Value
enabledWhether post-transcription processing is enabled.Optional[bool]NoFalse
summaryConfiguration for generating a summary.Optional[SummaryConfig]NoNone


ParameterDescriptionTypeRequiredDefault Value
dir_pathThe directory path where recordings will be stored.Optional[str]NoNone
transcriptionConfiguration for post-transcription processing.Optional[PostTranscriptionConfig]NoNone
configAdditional configuration options for recording.Optional[Dict[str, Any]]NoNone
webhook_urlThe URL for the webhook to send recording updates.Optional[str]NoNone

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