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Version: 0.1.x

Notify Attendees in Realtime - React Native

This guide explains how PubSub can be used to implement the functionality of broadcasting a message to all the viewers at once. If you are not familiar with the PubSub mechanism and usePubSub hook, you can follow this guide.

Notifying Attendees

  1. To implement this functionality, begin by creating a "Notify Attendees" button along with a text input to capture the message. When a message is entered into the input and the button is clicked, publish a message with the topic NOTIFY_ATTENDEES.
// importing usePubSub hook from react-native-sdk
import { usePubSub } from "";

function MeetingView() {
// destructure publish method from usePubSub hook
const { publish } = usePubSub("NOTIFY_ATTENDEES");
const [message, setMessage] = useState("");

return (
height: 40,
margin: 12,
borderWidth: 1,
padding: 10,

onPress={() => {
<Text>Notfiy Attendees</Text>
  1. Next, alert all the speakers, displaying the message posted by the speaker.
function MeetingView() {
const { localParticipant } = useMeeting();

// destructure publish method from usePubSub hook
const { publish } = usePubSub("NOTIFY_ATTENDEES", {
onMessageReceived: (message) => {
if (localParticipant.mode == "VIEWER") alert(`${message.message}`);

return <>...</>;

API Reference

The API references for all the methods and events utilized in this guide are provided below.

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