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Version: 0.1.x

Change Audio Output Device - React Native

During the meeting, at any point, a participant wishing to switch their output audio device, such as from headphones to speakers, can do so using the below-mentioned methods.

Getting Output Device

The getAudioDeviceList() method enables you to retrieve a list of all possible connected audio devices.

Supported Audio Output Devices :

SPEAKER_PHONE - Switch audio to the device speaker

EARPIECE - Switch audio to the device earpiece

WIRED_HEADSET - Switch audio to the connected wired device

BLUETOOTH - Switch audio to the connected bluetooth device

import { getAudioDeviceList } from "";

const MeetingView = () => {
const onPress = async () => {
const device = await getAudioDeviceList();
console.log("Device :", device); // ["SPEAKER_PHONE","WIRED_HEADSET"]

return <>...</>;

Changing Output Device

The switchAudioDevice() method sllows you to switch to a specific audio output device of your choice.

import { switchAudioDevice } from "";

const MeetingView = () => {
const onPress = () => {
switchAudioDevice("SPEAKER_PHONE"); // for device speaker

switchAudioDevice("EARPIECE"); // for device earpiece

switchAudioDevice("WIRED_HEADSET"); // for wired headset

switchAudioDevice("BLUETOOTH"); // for bluetooth device

return <>...</>;

EARPIECE is not supported when a WIRED_HEADSET or BLUETOOTH device is connected.

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