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Version: 0.1.x

Run a Sample ILS Project - React Native

Video SDK provides an open-source sample project videosdk-hls-react-native-sdk-example on Github. This document introduces how to run the project.


  • React Native version 0.59.10 or later
  • Node version 10 or later
  • Valid Video SDK Account
  • For Android
    • Java Development Kit (JDK) version 8 or later
    • Android Studio (latest version recommended)
    • A physical or virtual mobile device running Android version 5.0 or later
  • For iOS
    • Xcode version 9.4 or later
    • CocoaPods
    • A physical or virtual mobile device running iOS version 9.0 or later

Generate Token

To manage secured communication, every participant that connects to a meeting needs an access token. You can easily generate this token by using your apiKey and secret-key, which you can obtain from the VideoSDK Dashboard.

For development purpose, you can generate a temporary token from VideoSDK Dashboard's API section.


The best practice for obtaining a token involves generating it from your backend server which will help in keeping your credentials safe.

Run the Sample Project

Step 1: Clone the sample project

Clone the repository to your local environment.

git clone

Step 2: Modify src/api/api.js file

Modify the file by pasting the previously generated temporary token here.

export const getToken = async () => {
return "VIDEOSDK_DASHBOARD_TOKEN"; // Update Token here

Step 3: Install the dependencies

Install all the project dependencies.

npm install

Step 4: Run the sample app

Bingo, it's time to push the launch button!

npm run start
npm android
npm ios

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