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Version: 0.1.x

Video SDK Network Statistics - React


  • The getNetworkStats() method will return a Promise that resolves with an object, containing network speed statistics or rejects with an error message, if the operation fails or exceeds the specified timeout.
  • The result object will include the downloadSpeed and uploadSpeed, expressed in megabytes per second (MB/s).


  • timeoutDuration
    • It helps prevent the method from getting stuck indefinitely when fetching network statistics. It lets you set a maximum time for the operation, and if it takes longer than that, the method stops gracefully.
    • You can specify timeoutDuration in milliseconds. If it is not provided or is not an integer, the default timeout is set to 60,000 milliseconds (1 minute).
    • Optional


  • Promise<{downloadSpeed: number,uploadSpeed: number}>


import { getNetworkStats } from "";

try {
const options = { timeoutDuration: 45000 }; // Set a custom timeout of 45 seconds
const networkStats = await getNetworkStats(options);
console.log("Download Speed: ", networkStats["downloadSpeed"]); // will return value in Mb/s
console.log("Upload Speed: ", networkStats["uploadSpeed"]); // will return value in Mb/s
} catch(ex)
console.log("Error in networkStats: ", ex);

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