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Version: 0.1.x

Video SDK useFile Hook - React

useFile Hook

useFile returns two methods uploadBase64File() and fetchBase64File() to upload and retrieve files from the VideoSDK's temporary file storage system.


  • By using uploadBase64File() function, you can upload your file to Videosdk's Temporary storage.

  • The function will return the corresponding fileUrl, which will use to retrieve the file from the VideoSDK's storage system.

const { uploadBase64File } = useFile();

async function uploadFile() {
const base64Data = "<Your File's base64Data>"; // Convert your file to base64 and pass here
const token = "<VIDEOSDK_TOKEN>";
const fileName = "myImage.jpeg"; // Provide name with extension here
const url = await uploadBase64File({ base64Data, token, fileName });
console.log("fileUrl", url);


  • By using fetchBase64File() function, you can retrieve your file from the Videosdk's Temporary storage.

  • fetchBase64File() will return image in form of base64 string.

const { fetchBase64File } = useFile();

async function fetchFile() {
const url = "<Your FileUrl>"; // Provide fileUrl which is returned by uploadBase64File()
const token = "<VIDEOSDK_TOKEN>";
const base64 = await fetchBase64File({ url, token });
console.log("base64", base64);

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