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Version: 0.1.x

Getting Started - React JS SDK

React JS SDK wraps up out JavaScript SDK into usable hooks API. It simplifies the code for React JS.

Install a React SDK

The easiest way to get started is by installing the sdk in your app.


$ npm install ""


$ yarn add ""

Use hooks API

Our React JS SDK provides two important hooks API:

  • useMeeting : Responsible to handle meeting environment.
  • useParticipant : Responsible to handle Participant

Also, React Provider and Consumer to listen changes in meeting environment.

  • MeetingProvider : Meeting Provider is Context.Provider that allows consuming components to subscribe to meeting changes
  • MeetingConsumer : Meeting Consumer is Context.Consumer that subscribes to meeting changes.

Check out official example of React JS SDK implementation: videosdk-rtc-react-sdk-example

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