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Meeting Class

Using Meeting Class#

The Meeting Class includes methods and events for managing meetings, participants, video & audio streams, data channels and UI customisation.


  • __properties

    • idString

      meeting Id
    • localParticipantParticipant

      local participant of the meeting
    • participantsMap<String, Participant>

      all remote participants of the meeting
    • selectedWebcamIdString?

      Id of the webcam device selected as input video source
    • selectedMicIdString?

      Id of the microphone device selected as input audio source


  • __events

    • meeting-joinedvoid

      emitted when local participant joined the meeting successfuly
    • meeting-leftvoid

      emitted when local participant left the meeting
    • participant-joinedparticipant

      emitted when new participant joined the meeting
    • participant-leftparticipantId

      emitted when any participant from the meeting left
    • recording-startedvoid

      emitted when recording of the meeting is started successfully
    • recording-stoppedvoid

      emitted when recording of the meeting is stopped
    • livestream-startedvoid

      emitted when live streaming of the meeting in social media is started successfully
    • livestream-stoppedvoid

      emitted when live streaming of the meeting is stopped
    • speaker-changedvoid

      emitted when active speaker is changed
    • presenter-changedvoid

      emitted when any participant started presenting


  • __methods

    • join()void

      join the meeting
    • leave()void

      leave the meeting
    • enableWebcam()void

      enable self webcam
    • disableWebcam()void

      disable self webcam
    • unmuteMic()void

      unmute self mic
    • muteMic()void

      mute self mic
    • getWebcams()void

      get all webcam devices
    • getMics()void

      get all mic devices
    • changeWebcam()<deviceId>void

      change self webcam
    • startRecording()void

      start meeting recording
    • stopRecording()void

      stop meeting recording
    • startLivestream()void

      start meeting live streaming
    • stopLivestream()void

      stop meeting live streaming
    • on(String event, Function handler)void

      event handler of the meeting


Play with meeting instance
// Join the meetingmeeting?.join();
// Get local participantsmeeting?.localParticipant;
// Get remote participantsmeeting?.participants;
// Adding event listnermeeting.on("participant-joined", (Participant participant) {  print("new participant => $participant");  },);