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Version: 0.0.x

Noise Suppresion (BETA)

This feature allows participant to removes background noise from meetings and keep only particpant voice in the communication.

  • This feature is in Beta release, so feel free to reach out to us on Discord. We'd love to hear feedback from you.

1. Install VideoSDK Media Processor package

npm install --save

2. Implement Noise suppressor with SDK

  • getNoiseSuppressedAudioStream - This method accepts source of MediaStream, return processed MediaStream.
// Meeting Initializer
meeting = window.VideoSDK.initMeeting({...});

const onNoiseSuppressor = async () => {
try {
// Instantiate VideoSDKNoiseSuppressor Class
const noiseProcessor = new window.VideoSDKNoiseSuppressor();

// Getting stream from mic
const stream = await window.VideoSDK.createMicrophoneAudioTrack({});
const processedStream = await noiseProcessor.getNoiseSuppressedAudioStream(

// Pass `processedStream` in VideoSDKs `changeMic` method
} catch (error) {

For disabling noise suppression, you can pass mic stream in VideoSDKs changeMic method.

const disableNoiseSuppressor = async () => {
// Pass mic MediaStream in VideoSDK `changeMic` method
const stream = await window.VideoSDK.createMicrophoneAudioTrack({});