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Go Live On Social Media

This feature allows participant to broadcast meeting on various social media platforms such as Facebook or Youtube. This guide will provide an overview of how participant can start and stop broadcasting meeting.

  1. Start LiveStream - By using startLivestream() function, a participant can start broadcasting meeting on various platforms by provding url and stream keys as an argument.
  2. Stop LiveStream - By using stopLivestream() function, a participant can stop broadcasting on all platforms.

Start And Stop Live Stream#

const onPress = () => {  // Start Live Stream  meeting?.startLivestream([    {      url: "rtmp://",      streamKey: "key",    },  ]);
  // Stop Live Stream  meeting?.stopLivestream();};


  1. livestream-started - Whenever broadcasting of meeting started, livestream-started event will trigger.

  2. livestream-stopped - Whenever broadcasting of meeting stopped, livestream-stopped event will trigger.

meeting.on("livestream-started", () => {  console.log("LiveStream Started");});
meeting.on("livestream-stopped", () => {  console.log("LiveStream Stopped");});